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Want to get your small business noticed online?

Increase online visibility and grow your dental practice

Plan, prepare, execute!

Online marketing for dentists is a necessary part of every business model.

To attract the right kind of patients, strengthen credibility and stand out above the competition, digital marketing for a dental clinic is non-negotiable.

At Digitz, we manage complete digital marketing for dentists’ strategy from the early planning stages right through to execution and ongoing review.

Local SEO

Local SEO helps your website gain authority to help your dental practice stand out against the crowd. This means that when your ideal patient is searching for a dental practice or dental service in your area, your website will show up on popular search engines like Google first.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are just some of the free social media sites that allow a dental practice to post value-based content such as examples of their work, procedures, and video clips on maintaining healthy teeth. This organic content is a free form of internet marketing for dentists.

Paid ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to get your business noticed. A patient might read the ad without clicking, but it will have registered, and they may click on the ad another day. Paying only for the clicks can be extremely cost-effective, especially for the smaller and mid-size dental clinics.

Email marketing

Building relationships and keeping patients close through email marketing campaigns is an excellent form of digital marketing for a dental clinic with a rewarding ROI. We always abide by privacy laws in your country support and value to readers to help build credibility in your dental practice

Web development

Every page of your website should be up to date, fast to load, mobile and SEO optimized, and all links work. Use your website to educate and reassure patients, introduce them to your team and display some of your success stories.

Your patients want to learn what their procedure involves and what they can expect when they choose your dental practice so use your website to educate and reassure patients, introduce them to your team and display some of your success stories.

Dentists, like any other medical professional, want to focus on honing their skills in their specialty and serving their patients.  Consequently, digital marketing for dentists may not be seen as a priority. Understanding the importance of a strong online presence, many dentists hand over the online marketing for dental clinics to digital marketing professionals who can give them results while saving time. If you need help, contact our digital marketing for dentists experts today.


Why choose Digitz for Digital marketing for dentists?

  • Increase the visibility of your practice and build ongoing relationships with patients
  • Sophisticated marketing strategy to increase appointments (any stats?)
  • Transparency and communication every step of the way
  • Ongoing reporting and monitoring
  • Marketing strategy tailored to your dental practice